August 02, 2011

Come and leech says the EU

Daniel Hannan is reporting that the EU now plans to force the UK to let new immigrants arrive without any way of supporting themselves so they can just leech off the welfare state. Part of me thinks great, more immigrants and anything that destroys the welfare state has got to be a good thing. Another part of me wonders if the Eurocrats are deliberately trying to kill their creation? Has the economic horror created by the Euro finally got to them? Or perhaps they just want to make sure that they have a way out after the Euro has turned the whole of continental europe into a riot plagued disaster zone and the value of all of the money that they have defrauded over the years gets reduced to nothing. Not that I would mind the EU committing Sepuku either. The EU is not just shooting itself in the foot by trying to hit as many hot button issues as it can in one go, it is also deliberately breaking its own rules. Not that we should really be surprised about that by now. More likely it is just the Eurocrats flexing their muscles and demonstrating their domination over the member states because they can.


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